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There’s no better way to get around the city than in an electric vehicle. A refreshingly quiet, smooth, economical ride that gives off no polluting CO2 at all in drive mode. Who says driving round the city can’t be peaceful and harmonious?

Peugeot’s electric cars heritage dates back at least 70 years – we launched the three-wheeled Voiture Légère de Ville in 1941 and our electric version of the 106 was a best-seller in 1995. Nowadays we use the latest lithium-ion batteries in our electric cars, which you can recharge from an ordinary 240V socket.

Our electric vehicles range includes:

A great way to try out our 100% electric vehicles range for yourself is by hiring a car, scooter or bike through the 'Mu by Peugeot' service. Find your nearest Mu dealer here.