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The EX1 was designed in 2010 to help us celebrate 200 years of the Peugeot brand. It’s a futuristic twin-seat roadster with a distinctive, water-droplet shape. And it's a Peugeot concept car that drives like a dream.

A tight-fitting rear tailgate and close rear wheels give excellent weight distribution, while its single shell structure is made of carbon honeycomb composite for extra strength. The EX1’s amazing aerodynamics come from a low centre of gravity, and the two electric motors give it 250kW/340bhp and the power to exceed 1G acceleration.

So it’s hardly surprising that the EX1 has already broken several international records. Five records for a land-based machine from a standing start were broken by French explorer Nicolas Vanier in September 2010, at the legendary Montlhéry race track. And a further three records were broken in China in the hands of Chinese blogger Han Han.

If you’d like to see the EX1 concept car in action, take a look at the footage below.

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